The Laare Community Technology Centre was founded in 2005 by MIT graduate Eric Mibuari. Since then, the Centre has grown in major ways and is tremendously impacting the community. Please use this site to learn more about the Centre and to see how you can get involved.

What is needed:

In order to continue to impact the community, the Laare Community Centre needs your help in providing:

* Land for this expansion initiative has already been donated by the community.
* Constructing the building will be the largest cost and this comes to roughly $60,000.
* Acquisition of educational technology such as additional computers and projectors, as well installing an internet connection will come to about $30,000 for the initial phase.
* Furnishing the building and providing it with a backup diesel electricity generator will cost about $6000. Most of the furniture will be made by local artisans and this is what accounts for the relatively low expense.

What it means:

The center needs $94,000 to construct a new building complex with:

    • - Four computer classrooms/labs

    • - An administrative office

    - A technical/repair room/server room

  • - A conference room

  • This expansion will help the center:

    • - Have wider  community reach

    • - Expand its curriculum

    • - Access Internet connectivity



How you can give:

You can give by completing the form below and mailing it to the address noted in the form. Please include the form with your contribution. We thank you in advance for your contribution!

Laare Community Technology Centre
Laare, Kenya

***Please include this page with your contribution***

Please make checks payable to

Laare Community Technology Centre
Imara - MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab
Building 32 Room 272
32 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA, 02139


Amount: $____________________

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City/State/Zip: _________________________________________


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